関ジャニ∞の EIGHTERです 

My name is Kristy. I'm an aspiring model/gaijin talent in Tokyo, born and raised in Vancouver, Canada (currently residing in vancouver at the moment)

Work I've done in Japan: 

NHK TV de kiso eigo 2012, the HIATUS 'superblock' MV, Narado Labo Learning English (voice over and green screen acting),  Roxy ~set you free~ fashion show 2012, Monobright 'moonwalk' MV, Mode Gakuin Makeup Model, darts game CM 2012, Tannus Photoshoot Ad

Work I've done in Vancouver:
Fairchild "Wedding Parfait" Bridal Show 2011,  Redken Hair Fashion Show 2011,  SFU Film "Something Borrowed" 2013,  Gothic Girl 1 on Rita 2013,  Skynation Promo Video 2013

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